About Us

Company Profile

Founded in 2003, by Jehad Ali Al Mohammed ACE Consulting and Marketing Group is a professional services company dedicated to delivering results in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Industries and institutions trust and choose ACE CMG to help them chart a course aimed toward success, growth, and profitability.

Privately owned Manama, Bahrain based ACE CMG is one of Bahrain’s largest sales and marketing agencies serving the banking institutions, industries, and customer service companies. The company’s made its reputation primarily by providing service of sales and marketing agent for a major bank, helping them to reach their retail and corporate goals.

Ace Marketing is responsible for the hiring of skilled staff who are employed in departments like Direct sales, Marketing, Tele sales, Collections, Liabilities and Operations. Services offered by the staff to their customers are personal loans, mortgage loans credit cards, mortgage loans, fixed deposits and investments plans to name a few.

Company Roots Dating to the 1960s

The man behind Al Mohammed Group is Mr. Ali Al Mohammed who started providing land and sea cargo services to and from Bahrain under AL Mohammed Marine Services in 1965. Mr. Ali went on to establish Al Mohammed Construction Company and Al Tawaher Construction Company in Bahrain.

The brainchild behind ACE CMG and Aurelio Décor (ITALY) was his son Mr. Jehad Ali al Mohammed. Mr. Jehad was working under the supervision and training from his father from 1994. He was involved in outsourcing skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled workers to the construction industry.

From its humble beginning in 2003 ACE CMG has hired over 300 employees and they had gone on to become leaders in the banking world. Mr. Jehad and his dedication for excellence are responsible for transforming ACE CMG into the reputed organization it is today.